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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Get Rid of GetTheDiscount Adware - Efficient Removal Guide

Description of GetTheDiscount

GetTheDiscount is a malicious adware that will display many coupons and advertisements via a pop-up box on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or any other browsers on your computer. This advertising program is typically added when you download a free software that is bundled into its installation with this adware program. When you install the program, it will also install GetTheDiscount as well.

Making money is the specifically purpose for designing this GetTheDiscount adware. Once installed, GetTheDiscount could invade your privacy security online via using tracking cookies to track and record your online activities. Thus, it would succeed in collecting your information and delivering it to the developer. From then on, each time you surf the Internet, GetTheDiscount will constantly create many coupons and ads according to your online habits to achieve the commercial advertising effect. GetTheDiscount is always installed without the user's permission. It is able to violate your privacy through collecting the sensitive information. What's worse, it will slow down the computer by displaying pop-up ads constantly and taking up system resources. Besides, it may even cause a system crash.

Symptoms of GetTheDiscount

  • It is an adware.
  • It is able to be installed without any permission.
  • It can record your browsing activities.
  • It displays millions of advertisements whether your want them or not.
  • It will cause further damages such as downloading malware or worms via clicking on ads.
  • It may lead to system crashes.

Effective Removal Guide for GetTheDiscount

a. Manual Removal Guide:

Step 1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or Press the Start button > type "Run" to select the option > type "taskmgr" and press OK > end GetTheDiscount running process.

Step 2. Click Start button> Control Panel > Uninstall a program > uninstall GetTheDiscount.
Step 3  Reset your browsers to clear your internet history records, internet temp files and cookies.

Internet Explorer

1) Open Internet Explorer, click the Gear icon or Tools > Internet options
2) Go to the Advanced tab, click the Reset button > Reset Internet Explorer settings > Delete personal settings > click on Reset option. 
3) Click Close and OK to save the changes.

Mozilla Firefox

1) Open Mozilla Firefox, go to the Help section > Troubleshooting Information
2) Select Reset Firefox and click Finish.

Google Chrome

1) Click the Chrome menu button, select Tools > Extensions, find unknown extension and remove them by clicking Recycle bin
2) Click Settings > Show Advanced settings > Reset browser settings and click Reset.

b. Automatic Removal Guide:

Step 1 Download SpyHunter freely.

Step 2 Double click on it to install SpyHunter.
Step 3 Open SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now! to start scan your computer.
Step 4 When the scan is completed, you can see that GetTheDiscount and other threats are successfully detected. Then click Fix Threats button to clean your computer.

Friendly Reminded:
As is known to all, using reliable anti-malicious software is the most convenient and efficient way to remove computer threats away. Hence, use SpyHunter to remove this GetTheDiscount automatically is recommended.

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