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Monday, October 27, 2014

Eliminate Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK – Trojan Horse Removal Guide

Brief Introduction to Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK

Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK is recognized as a malicious Trojan horse which is released by cyber criminals to conduct a series of destructive activities in your computer and finally crash the computer itself down.

Generally speaking, this Trojan horse can distribute by taking advantage of being bundled with free downloads, downloading email attachments, browsing malicious web pages, having internet relay chat, or clicking malicious pop-up ads.

Once executed, this Trojan infection can provide a backdoor for cyber criminals to take control of computer remotely. While controlling, the cyber criminals will have the chance to collect your valuable information or even monitor what you are doing in the computer. Thus, the cyber criminals can easily steel your important information and sensitive privacy such as usernames, passwords, credit card details and bank account information.

To invade your computer deeply, this Trojan infection will plant several small but malicious rootkits into your operating system. Those rootkits can give wrong commands and instructions to your computer. If your computer accepts the commands and follow the instructions to run, your operating system will result in disorder and some programs cannot be opened anymore.

All in all, the Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK is a malicious and aggressive Trojan horse which can cause large amounts of damages to your computer security and your online life. You’d better eliminate Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK Trojan horse as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK

  1. It is a malicious Trojan horse.
  2. It comes into your computer without your knowledge and consent.
  3. It sets a backdoor for remote users to take control of the infected computer remotely. 
  4. It violates your computer security as well as your online safety. 

Removal Guide for Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK

A. Eliminate Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK Manually

Step 1. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking

Restart your computer and keep pressing F8 key until Windows Advanced Options Menu shows up, then using arrow key to select Safe Mode with Networking from the list and press Enter to get into that mode.

Step 2. End suspicious processes

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together to launch Window Task Manager, then end the suspicious processes.

Step 3. Delete associated files

%UserProfile%\Programs\AppData\[Random Charateristc].exe

%UserProfile%\Programs\Temp\[Random Charateristc].dll
%UserProfile%\Programs\AppData\roaming\[Random Charateristc].dll

Step 4. Delete associated registry entries

Hit Win+R keys and then type regedit in Run box and click on OK to open Registry Editor.

When the Registry Editor shows, find out and delete the below files.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run""= "%AppData%\.exe"
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run""= "%AppData%\.exe"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Associations "LowRiskFileTypes"="random;"

Note: When you apply this manual removal guide, you need to be very careful about each step. One mistake would delete the important system file. Therefore, be careful. 

B. Eliminate Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK Automatically with SpyHUnter

Step 1. Download SpyHunter, then double click on it to install the program.
Step 2. Tick mark on Quick Scan, and then click on Scan Computer Now!
Step 3. When the scan has been done, click on Fix Threats.

Note: For the people who are not familiar with computer knowledge, the automatic removal is much more easier than the manual one. It is recommended to use SpyHunter when you face any malicious virus, it will remove it completely. Click here to download SpyHunter freely.

C. Uninstall Unwanted Programs Downloaded by Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK Automatically with Perfect Uninstaller

Step 1. Download Perfect Uninstaller here, and then install the program step by step.   
Step 2. When the program is correctly installed, click the Finish button to exit Setup. Make sure the Launch Perfect Uninstaller box is check so that the program can be opened automatically.
Step 3. If the program does not open automatically, find its desktop shortcut and double click on it to open the program.  
Step 4. When the program is open, firstly try the Uninstall function. Find Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK associated program and then click the Uninstall button to enter the Uninstall Wizard screen. 
Step 5. When the Uninstall Wizard screen is shown, click the Next button to enter the uninstallation process. 
Step 6. If the Uninstall function cannot uninstall Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK associated program completely, go to the Force Uninstall function to remove it efficiently and completely. 

Note: If SpyHunter cannot completely remove the programs and files associated with Exploit.JS.Blacole.DK, you can use Perfect Uninstaller to help you deal with them. Perfect Uninstaller is an advanced and effective tool which is able to safely completely uninstall any unwanted or corrupt application that other anti-malware program cannot remove, and it also can help you manage your startup items and backup system so that to speed up your computer performance. You can download Perfect Uninstaller here and it will help you uninstall all the unwanted programs in your computer effectively and permanently.

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