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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Completely Remove 1-844-438-9402 Scam Pop-up from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox/ Edge

Have you ever got this message before?

"This site says…

System Alert.

Your Computer is infected with and adware or malware causing
you to see this popup.

This may happen due to obsolete virus protections.

To fix, please call system support at 1-844-438-9402
immediately. Please ensure you do not restart your computer
to prevent date loss.

Possibility of Date & Identify thief, if not fixed immediately."

If your answer is YES, it does mean that your PC is infected with an adware or malware. But, this pop-up is the threat itself. Why I say so? According to victims of this malicious pop-up, 1-844-438-9402 is not a genuine Microsoft phone number. It is merely a scam used by scammers to cheat you for money. Never take in!

Learn more about 1-844-438-9402 pop-up

Technically speaking, 1-844-438-9402 pop-up is a part of an adware or a potentially unwanted program currently infecting your whole system. This pop-up usually contains fake system alert to entice PC users into calling 1-844-438-9402 so as to promote their paid support services and antivirus software. Basically, the 1-844-438-9402 pop-up is good at occupying all kinds of internet browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and none can escape from it.

After running into your PC, unauthorized modifications will be made on your browser settings, which can cause pop-ups, redirects, homepage hijacking and other troubles. The 1-844-438-9402 pop-up is truly an adware associated with online fraud. In order to draw your attention, it keeps popping up as long as you launch the internet browser, open a new tab, or just make a click on the webpage.

You may find that the 1-844-438-9402 page tries to convince you that "Your Computer is infected with and adware or malware" and you need to ring 1-844-438-9402 to remove the infections and prevent date and identify thief. However, letting them fix your PC is not free. You have to pay certain amount before they resolve the problem.

Mind you, the 1-844-438-9402 pop-up is a tech support scam. Calling 1-844-438-9402 has nothing to do with the real condition of your PC, but only offers a chance for the scammers to cheat you for money as they confirm you with not just few but enormous viruses you had. Be warned that it is just one of their strategies so you will pay for whatever amount they asked.

As we have mentioned before, calling 1-844-438-9402 and paying the charges is not the key to stop the 1-844-438-9402 pop-up from promoting out. All you need to do is to remove all its malicious components like browser add-on and files where all issues were coming from.

Guides to get rid of 1-844-438-9402 pop-up

1-844-438-9402 pop-up is a malicious scam, which is used by the scammers to promote fake tech support services and useless antivirus programs. Don't fall for it! What you should do is to take immediate measures to remove 1-844-438-9402 pop-up as soon as possible to avoid further damages.

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